Life update :) Soon in Thailand !

A picture of Koh Samui Thailand

Hi beauties!

Just wanted to check in and give a sign of life on here ;-)

Not been feeling too well lately and haven´t had much fun to share. I have a few swatch/review posts coming up, but I haven´t been able to finish them properly and I don´t like posting anything that´s not 100% - so I just stopped thinking about it for a while ;)

My trip to Thailand is soon here, just about a week left until we´re leaving! Everything is booked, planned and paid so no more headache over things that needs to be done. Only the packing left, which is a proper task and I know I´m gonna be struggling trying to keep everything to a minimum.

I have a plan in my mind to record a video this week, maybe I´ll be able to post it before I leave. Oh, no promises, just thinking out loud! :-)

Ok, today is laundry and cleaning day - need everything to be nice before I leave so I don´t get back to a total mess! I better get back to it.

Hopefully I´ll be able to get some new posts up during this week. Can´t wait to show you my new lippies ;-)

Do you have any vacation plans? Been up to anything fun lately?

xxoo Karla // Miss Delirium


  1. Nice post!)I like your blog!Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

  2. That's so exciting! Have fun in Thailand!


  3. Nice. Enjoy!

    I need your help, can you go to my blog to vote for a name? Thanks so much!

  4. HI Karla!! Your makeup looks fabulous! Did u cut the lashese or did they come like that?

  5. I went to thailand last December! I recently came back from san francisco!

    Hope you had a good vacation!

    Would love if you can check out my blog!

    Raincouver Beauty

  6. I just came back from Bangkok! If you are going there, you are going to enjoy the shopping!
    Have fun on your holiday! :D

    ♥ Cassandra,