Maybelline Makeup & Shiseido Skincare *HAUL*

Another drugstore haul, taking advantage of the 2 for 3 offer to try out some new products!

1. Dream BB Go Matte Cream Powder - "Medium"
- Was really excited about this one! Tried it a couple of times and will do a review on this soon. Don´t quite know what to think about this yet to be honest...

2. Super Stay 24hr - "030 Sand"
- Always fun to stock up on some foundation! One of my drugstore go-to´s.

3. Shiseido IBUKI 30ml Skincare set
- All my skincare is gone and I can´t afford buying all new full sizes right now so I figured this set is perfect. It will probably last me 1-2 months.
Loving this series, cleared my skin up so well.

4. Colossal Go Extreme - Leather Black
- New so had to try it.. Same as the others.

5. Colossal Go Extreme - Volume
- Second time buying this. Think it´s ok.

6. Master Precise Liquid Felt Tip Eyeliner
- First time trying, not to excited about this!!!!

7. Color Elixir Creamy Lip Lacquer - "Nude Illusion #720"
8. Color Elixir Creamy Lip Lacquer - "Petal Plush #105"
9. Color Elixir Creamy Lip Lacquer - "Hibiscus Haven #110"
10. Color Elixir Creamy Lip Lacquer - "Signature Scarlet #505"
- Totally fell in love with these glosses!!!!
Swatches and review will of course be up soon :)

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