Tea Time! Yogi Green and Herbal Tea *My Current Favorites*

For the few of you that have read my blog before and communicate with me on Twitter, you probably know that I am a coffee-addict - and there´s no hope for recovery.
But, I also love tea! Mostly in the Fall/Winter time, and guys, that time of the year has arrived and so has my craving for tea.

My latest obsession are from Yogi Tea and I would love to give you a recommendation on my favorites!

Balance (Green)
- Green tea, lemon grass, peppermint.

Energy (Green)
- Green tea, guarantee, ginger, elderflower.

Bright Mood (Herbal)
- Cinnamon, hops, orange peel.

Ginger Hibiscus (Herbal)
- Ayurvedic herbs & spice infusion.

Heart Warming (Herbal)
- Basil, orange peel, chili.

Lime Mint (Herbal)
- Ayurvedic herb, spice & fruit infusion.

For the green teas I usually "spice up" with some sweetener and flavor, lemon and vanilla are my favorites :)
The other teas have a lot more flavor to them and I don´t find it necessary to add any sweetener.

What are your favorite tea and brand of tea?

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