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"Leave a comment" is missing on some of my posts. If you would like to leave a comment on one of these posts you simply have to press on the post title and you´ll find Disqus underneath the post :)

I´m having the hardest time with DISQUS at the moment.. it´s not showing my comments and it does not show a link to "leave a comment" on almost all my posts.. making it impossible to comment on my blog.... don´t know if it is still updating after changing domain or what, however, if anyone know what to do - please let me know :)

I just wanted to tell you that I've changed my domain for the last and final time - I am finally satisfied with it and I feel it suits me and my blog perfectly.

As many others do, I didn't really think enough through my blogname when I first started out, and as my blog grew "bigger" and I found my "thing" it just didn't work out anymore.

For the ones that know me and have followed my blog, you all know that lipsticks/lipglosses are my thing. It´s always been my thing, but I didn't really realize it was such a huge thing before I started this blog. It couldn't be more obvious now.

So even though I blog about more than just lipsticks, that is kinda my thing and I simply do LOVE LIPSTICKS - so there you have it, simple as that :)

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