My hair with Tape Hairextensions BEFORE & AFTER.

Here´s photos of me with and without my much loved extensions :)

This is from a few months back though - now I´ve cut my hair and don´t wear extensions at all.. but I regret cutting my hair so I´ll guess the extensions will be on again very soon...;-)

As you can see my hair is very thin and fine, it won´t grow any longer than it is on the picture below - which is a shame because I love long hair.. I would just have to fake it I guess ;)

Here´s the result after about 10-14 pieces of tape extensions.

If you have any questions about hair extensions, feel free to ask me :-)


  1. wow it looks so natural, i can't really tell!

  2. NICE and totally undetectable :)) what brand are those extensions?? I was thinking of getting me some luxy hair extensions :) great blog btw!!

    1. Thanks a lot! :) It's not a special brand, i buy them though a friend in China ;-) but they're amazing!

      Glad you like my blog =D

  3. Great post.