Professional SEBASTIAN - Color Ignite Mono


I´m superhappy! Yesterday was my last day of my three weeks practice in the hairdressing salon, and as a "thank you for your help" I got these two products :-)

What makes me even more happy ...I got a job there! :) 

To complete my hairdressing education I have to work as an apprentice for 2,5 years. I then can go up to a final test to get my certificate as a hairdresser and start working for normal salary..
And it´s very important to find a qualified salon who wants to hire me as an apprentice, and that learns me everything I need to learn ;)

I found that salon :) WEEE :)

Over to the products..

I´m not so familiar to Sebastians productrange, but I´ve been working with it for three weeks now and I think I can say I like it...:)

This is color protection shampoo and conditioner for single toned hair.

It smells veeery good, and the conditioner is supercool! It´s not like a regular liquid conditioner, but it´s a foam!!!! :) I love foam :P

It seals the cuticle layer for long lasting vibrancy and shine, it has pomegranate extracts and is specially designed for single tone color-treated hair.

Perfect for me that dyes my hair black only :)

If you got different colors in your hair, you can use Sebastian Color Ignite Multi :) Which gives more protection :)

Remove excess water from hair. Shake well. Work in a generous amount of product starting at the ends towards the roots. Leave for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

I haven´t tried it on my hair yet, but when I´ve used it on my customers, I think that I doesn´t smoothen the hair as much.. Hmm.. That´s not a good thing for me with my long extensions, but it´s very color protective and you can always finish off with another conditioner, or treatment if you need to smooth down your hair even more :)

Can´t wait to try it! I´m off to the shower pretty soon ;-)


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