Glitterish Green Cut Crease

I had a makeup date with my patient bff the other day, and here´s one of the results!

I´m so glad I got a friend that lets me treat her as a makeup doll :) he he..

It´s fun to practice on somebody else than myself once in a while, and the results are always so different. At least I think so..:)

I couldn´t leave that glitter alone, so a glitterish green look it is this time :) Also loving that cut crease, so I added this to make the look a bit more bold looking...


- MAC Paint Pot Rubenesque
- Shimmer Eyeshadows from Viva La Diva Palette.
- Shades from 120 palette.
- H&M dark brown Brow Pencil.
- Glitter.
-Maybelline Gel Liner black.
- Red Cherry heavy lashes.

I loved how this turned out, the green looks so magical almost.. Definitely gonna try this look on myself as well one day!  

Didn`t focus so much on her skin this time, so I´ve just applied a little Mineral Hygienics Foundation in shade Medium - to get that natural look..:)


  1. your so talented.. amazing!

    and to answer your questions: I get oils from my local hair shop (afro hair care) in london, shea butter from the same place (or you can get it online), Aloe Vera gel from the health shop.. oh and when I say Coconut Oil i just mean plain 100% coconut oil, quality you can choose yourself :) and also aloe vera gel is 99% (with preservatives)

    Hope that helped xx

  2. Make up looks really pretty, it reminds me of beyonce for some reason :)

  3. GOSH!!!! Loooooooove it! You're better and better every time :P
    So beautiful colors!!

    It's really awesome to live by the beach! Every morning I go there to watch the sunrise! I'm very very lucky ;)
    I don't feel comfortable to put my photos on internet, and worse if I'm wearing a swimsuit! I posted some photos awhile back at the beach, and some stupid people used them in inappropriate ways.... I canceled my account on facebook, flickr, etc.! In other words everywhere I had photos ... believe me, it's really scary!!

    Have a wonderful sunday!


    "Dicas de saúde, beleza, e exercício físico"

  4. omgg i loveee this! Reminds me of the musical WICKED! fabulous emerald colors!

    Hmm well then i am definitely hitting H&M for some cheap basics! Oooh, yeah, will try out the brows once i find myself a decent brow pencil. Any recommendations for a good quality one? since i'm only going to buy one, i'm going to make sure its a good one!

    Yes! i'll definitely drop u a note and tell you, we'll have to meet up for coffee and tea or something!!

    Ginger and Lace

  5. I love that color! It looks great on you :)

  6. It's very nice!
    I wish I could do so complicated things.
    Miss Starshiny

  7. Hey hun :)
    Yes any pure Shea Butter is fine, because you're still gonna melt it. And yes, it's the Cocoa Powder you use in food lol .. so if your gonna keep your scrub for long you should probably using a preservative ( I used 99% Aloe Vera gel with presevative in it).. almost every single Aloe Vera Gel you buy will have a preservative in it.

    I dont have the measurements since I just did it randomly. Ill try give you some measurements though.

    -A chunk of Shea Butter (size depending on how much you wanna make)
    -Coconut Oil the same size (if you want the same consistency as mine, you have to use coconut oil since it's solid at room temprature)
    -Add some extra oils (i.e almond oil/jojoba) to get the consistency you want.
    -Optional: Aloe Vera gel for preservative or cooling effect.


  8. Yey! : )
    I'm glad you got some good photes this time as well. Despite my red, teary eyes! : P hehe

    It' so fun to see the result, so I'm just glad to help you out :))

    - Eva

  9. Beautiful!!!!
    Thanks for your comment, am following!

  10. that looks AWESOME, I've always had a thing for green eyeshadow, but seeing it like this has inspired me more =) thanks for sharing it hun!

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  11. Oh my god. Can't believe how lucky I am to stumble upon your beautiful blog. Full of amazing make up inspirations and you are truly good at this! LOVE.xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?

  12. I love it !!
    I like your blog!

    follow eachother?

  13. Goodness you have such beautiful eyes!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  14. Hellow there , you've got lovely blog . Mind following each other via Gfc , Blog loving and facebook ? I'd love to do that sweetie (:

  15. This is so pretty! I have a few green shadows that I never wear, but this makes me want to break them out again :)


  16. Beautiful beautiful look babe your talent is incredible. Keep on posting new looks, you've got us all hooked :)

    Btw thanks for the tips, will keep them in mind ;) and btw again hehe I remember those BSB cards, I had loads of Spice Girl ones, ehhh another childish phase of mine :)

    Martha xx

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