Mineral Hygienics Swatches

Here are the swatches of my Mineral Hygienics products!
You can go here if you want the review :)

Overview all products:

Medium & Medium Golden:

Medium Tan & Dark Golden Tan:

Medium Tan, this is the one I wear everyday!
But when I go to Asia and get more tanned, I guess I could go on to a shade darker :-)

Warm Kiss & Silk Translucent:

SWATCHES foundations (with flash) :

I´ve applied it so that you can see the color with a lot of product, and the color when its faded out..

(no flash)

SWATCHES bronzer and enhancer (with flash):

(no flash)

I have so much good things to say about these products..
Don´t really know how to recommend them enough to you guys..? I guess you would just have to try for yourself :)

I feel I can give a honest opinion now after trying the products out for so long! 

You see, my problems with mineral foundations are always that I feel they´re wonderful the first one-two weeks, then after that they just get worse and worse and I get more and more tired of using it because they don´t work for me anymore...

Are there anyone else that´s experiencing these problems with the use of mineral foundations, or just any foundations?
(My guess would be that there´s because of the change on ones skin, first its fine, then it´s dry, then it´s maybe oily, then dry again... I dunno, do you?)

Anyway, I was really scared this would be the same thing.. But I have to say, after using this more or less everyday for at least one month now, they still work great for me :)
But there´s one thing, IF my skin feels very dry, I do put on some dry oil or moisturizer before applying the foundation, it won´t stay on if else..

I really just care about two things when using mineral foundation.

Ofc then there´s natural ingredients etc. etc. etc. and that´s great..!
But it doesn´t help me if the products are 20%natural or 100% natural, it still has to cover and last!

Mineral Hygienics does that!!!!!! :D

Would I use just the mineral foundation when going out to party? No.
Well you see, I´m one of those girls loving to dress up and "natural" just doesn´t work for me when I wanna look amazing when I´m out for a drink ;) ha ha.
Oh yes, sometimes I guess I probably look like a dragqueen to some, with my extreme black smokey eyes and longest lashes ever, including my pink glittery claw-like fingernails.. Not to forget my overdone teased hair and curls.... ha ha oh well ;)

ANYWAY, not to speak bad of the mineral foundation, but If I were to use this when going out, I would apply liquid foundation first, then go over with the kabuki brush and mineral foundation.. You get it? extreme coverage and longer lasting makeup;-) More is more, and I love me some more :-)

BUT when I´m not really going out that often.. So this is rarely a problem for me. I mostly work and sit at home, maybe going out for a coffee with gf´s.. I still don´t like the natural look, but I tone it down a bit.. And I like the look mineral foundation give me:) 

Believe me, I´m a DIOR SCULPT slave, it´s amazing, but very thick.. Even I like to have a lighter feel on my skin sometimes! Mineral Hygienics give me that ^^

Also it´s important it stays on even through the stressed days at work.

I like that it doesn´t get oily when I get warm when working in the salon, it stays on! OK, maybe it doesn´t give that extreme coverage I would prefer, but I´d rather have a few red marks on my skin than a foundation thats cakey or having white spots in my face! Which I, sadly, have experienced way to many times..

You know, when working in a hairsalon, I don´t have time to touch up my makeup all the time!
And I don´t need to either with the Mineral Hygienics foundation :-)

It´s also great for those days when I´m just staying at home, not doing anything special.. I would prefer to do my whole face and look fab, but I just don´t have the energy sometimes.. So I end up not doing my makeup at all, and I feel like crap all day because I look like crap..:P I just don´t bother putting on the liquid foundation and the setting powder and the normal pressed powder, and not to look flat I need bronzer and blusher and concealer and whatever,....thats not happening, not very often at least, when im relaxing at home alone..

But with the mineral foundation and the kabuki brush, I can fresh up in just a few swipes..:)
OK, I doesn´t look like a princess and I would probably not go out in public with so little makeup on, but I feel so much better :-) And if I were to go out, I would ofc just swipe a little more, THEN I would be ready to go outside ;) It´s so easy :)

Here´s some pictures of me wearing the Medium Tan foundation, Warm Kiss Bronzer and the Silk Translucent Powder :-) (photos not edited).

What do you think? Have you tried Mineral Hygienics?

Whats your opininon?

Would you give it a go if you haven´t tried it already? :-)


  1. I want to try this product!


  2. I haven't tried/heard of them, so great post! And your make up looks gorgeous :) Love your eyebrows in your profile pics.. take care hun xx

  3. I started using Mineral Hygienics about a year ago. I still love them today! Amazing!

    1. Good to hear! Yea I´m pretty satisfied myself, these products are gonna be products I def will be repurchasing :-)

  4. I love your eyes!! Your complexion is awesome too by the way, I gotta try that Mineral Hygienics!