Mineral Hygienics Makeup Review :)

You can go here if you want the swatches :)

A few weeks back I got sponsored with some products from Mineral Hygienics, I was so excited! Being such a makeup addict like me, being sponsored with free products, could it get any better?

And as I like to blog, and then again especially to blog about makeup, could it get any better than getting free products for me to try and blog ABOUT?! :D

I know bloggers get this all the time, but for me with "only" 100+ followers this was a big thing :)

It has taken me some time doing this review because I wanted it to be as good as possible for you to read, It was important to me to do a honest review, to try the products out for some weeks and then to say my honest opinion about them.

I will now talk a bit in general about the whole thing, the products and give you some links and stuff :)

~ I´ve then come to a conclusion that I will continue this review in several posts by doing more makeup looks using my products from Mineral Hygienics, swatches of my favorites, and swatches/review of the basic (foundation, enhancer, bronzer) etc.

I will link to my posts so it will be easy for you to keep track of them :-)

I got so many products and this is already such a pic and text heavy post, I don´t know if it´s a good thing to continue in this same post? ;p

Readers like it simple, I know ;) ~

Anyway, here goes! :)

When it comes to mineral makeup, I´ve tried a lot. I´ve had acne problems and my skin is not perfect, so it´s extremely important to me to have a good foundation that covers up my blemishes and bad skintone...

But I also want my makeup to prevent my skin to get any worse.. This is where mineral makeup come in, maybe this would work for me?

I´ve used ID Bare Minerals for years, but as my skin changes with the seasons, so does the effect of the mineral makeup!
One month it covers my skin perfectly, the next month it won´t even stay on my skin or cover my skin AT ALL FOR EVEN 5 mins after applying! God, I´ve been so frustrated over mineral foundations!

It´s been a time since I used mineral foundations now, and I felt ready to try it out again!
Summer is coming and as my skin tend to get a little better during summer, also less dry, this is a good time to wear mineral makeup for me :)

I was really excited about trying out Mineral Hygienics.
And I was so surprised and stunned when I saw all the products they sent me!
Erica has been such a nice lady and communicating with me so well, so a big thanks to you Erica:-))

She asked me what colors I thought would fit me, so she could help me get the right shades for my skin.
She sent me several shades to try and I sure found the ones fitting my skin perfectly! :)

I also got a translucent powder, a bronzer and a kabukibrush!
It was all so nicely wrapped and packed and I also got some guides for appliance of products and how-to´s.
This is very clever thinking of all those younger girls or those not familiar with mineral makeup!



This is the colors I got. 
4 shades of foundation, 1 bronzer and 1 sheer perfection powder.

I was very pleased with all the foundation shades and that is why I want to show you all of them.
Now during spring and summer, the two darkest colors would fit me, as it turns fall and winter again, the two lightest shades would fit me! Great! :) If you´re somewhere in-between you could easily mix the shades together and make your very own shade perfectly matching your skintone;) 
Their starterkits comes with two different foundation shades:)

It´s very easy to apply, you just swipe it on like with any other mineral product.. You gotta work with the brush and mineral foundation if you want better coverage..
It feels very light on my skin, and I feel fresh wearing it ^^
Long lasting for sure! After 9 hours at work, it still looks like when I applied it! Ok.. Maybe with one or two touch ups during the day, but hey, who doesn´t touch up their makeup once in a while? ;)

I´ve really, really, really fallen in love with this bronzer - Warm Kiss. I mostly use it as a contour/blusher actually, but I love it. The shade reminds me of my all-time favorite blush I had a long time ago. Superhappy I got to try this!

I´m also addicted to loose translucent powders to swipe over my face after applying foundation.
My biggest frustration is when I buy a powder thats supposed to be translucent, but when I apply it, it´s really pink! and makes my face look pink and red! NOT NICE!

But this is really sheer and translucent, not anything near pink! :) And no, it does not make your face white either, as other powders tend to do when promised being translucent :)

It´s not always easy buying foundations and such online, I sure know! How do you know the shade will fit your skin?
I´m always scared it will be a total waste of money..

Mineral Hygienics actually offer a 45-day Money-Back Guarantee on their starterkits! You not satisfied? The shade don´t match your skintone? Let them know and you will get your money back :) 

This is what they say:

’’Money-back Guarantee:

We're so sure Mineral Hygienics will work for you 

we are offering a 45-day Money-Back 

If you're not delighted with the results, 

simply return the product within 45-days.‘‘

That´s a pretty good deal innit´ ? :)

You can get your starter kit from Mineral Hygienics for only $59.99 + S&H.

Then the question is again, how do I find the shade that matches my skintone?
Here you will be guided through a few steps helping you find your perfect shade :)
And as I said before, you can always mix the shades together..;)

This is what´s included in a starterkit (Medium):

  • 2 shades of Mineral Hygienics SPF Foundation
  • -Medium Light Mineral Foundation 

    -Medium Mineral Foundation 

  • Mineral Hygienics mineral enhancer
  • - Warm Kiss 

  • Mineral finishing powder
  • -Sheer Perfection Translucent 

  • Flawless Face Mineral Brush
  • Full Coverage Kabuki Brush
  • Wonder Cover Concealer Brush
  • Detailed How-To Guide

  • That´s a bunch of products, right?! :D

    Ofc you can go in and buy whatever products you like, no need to be purchasing the whole starterkit. But if you´re in doubt of what to get, the starterkit is a good way to start! ;)

    I will for sure be repurchasing the foundation, it´s so good and I´m so happy I got the chance to try it out.. I´m wearing the Mineral Hygienics foundation on most of the newest pictures on my blog, I use it all the time. Actually, at this point it has out conquered my Dior Sculpt (can you believe that?!;)

    I would love to hear your opinions about this product, if you tried it :)


    So, please stay tuned for my next post where I will show you more detailed swatches of the foundation I´ve ended up using the most, and also the bronzer and mineral enhancer :-)

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