Vacation updates, new bikini and my first beautybox :D


Again, I gotta tell u how super happy I am for all those lovely reactions I've got on my makeup lately!
all those fantastic comments and compliments! THANK UUUUUUU :* You're all supercute! <3

The weather in Norway has been divine the last few days now, and I hope it stays that way until we leave :-) (update: it didn´t...)

A little update on my vacation:)
Our travelling route is (almost) complete!
We have decided which countries we're going to, and what we'll be doing there.
Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, here I come ;-)
We have booked all the flights, train tickets and hotels for our trip and I can't wait for us to go!!!! :)
Can't wait to be soaked in Hawaiian Tropic oil and smell like coconut!
I've also seen some interesting Body Mists (coconut) from Victorias Secret that I'm dying to try out.. I've read that there is a VS shop in Kuala Lumpur Int. Airport? I´m going there so that would be perfect :) My bf told me that it´s also located in the Bangkok Airport.. Woohoo :)
BTW, you guys really need to give me some shopping tips!!! Tips in general pls :D

Aaahh......3 weeks and five days in paradise. I really need that now:)

But with such excitement, comes a crazy ladys ramblings (..please excuse me):

I'm a complete mess, I'm leaving in FOUR days and I haven't planned a dang thing! Nor have I packed anything! And I don't have any of my sandals or heels! I only got like one pair of trainers and a pair of simple beach flip flops - and they're ugly!!! Oh gosh.. On top of it all I'm such a loser, I have trouble getting my salary from a former job I had during this winter. I'm so stupid I let the people there fool me. It's like a lot of money and it makes me completely MISERABLE! I can't believe I let such a thing happen. I can kiss those money a long gone good bye. Fffffff......

*OK balancing my emotions over to something positive...*

I bought a new bikini :) I just couldn´t get my eyes of that shiny gold so I just HAD to buy it... It screamed at me almost.. Buy me, buy me, buy me! I just got the top, but I think I gotta go back to buy the bottom as well...

It looks very nice just lying there..., but actually it looks hideous on! I got small boobs in the first place and with this bikini I have nothing at all.. It looks very unflattering to say the least.. Don´t know how I´m gonna make it work on me.. I gotta sew in some extreme padding or something.. ha ha ;)

I´M LEAVING IN FOUR DAYS! ..OK, actually I can't think about that without getting stressed, ha-ha :-)

As I said the weather is absolutely AMAZING now, it's like 30+ degrees or something during the day and I was tanning for hours yesterday and the day before! I've been working everyday so this is my second day day off. Lovely! Today is off because of public holiday :D

I´m home now and I´m supposed to pack with me some stuff I'm bringing for my trip. It's horrible, but I can't actually find my pink River Island rhinestone studded bikini!!!!!!! CRISIS!!!!!!!!

As I mentioned before I won't bring my laptop (I mean seriously, when would i find time to sit on my Macbook when I'm in paradise enjoying life? - The scary thing is, I'm such a nerd I would def. find the time, so therefore, NO lovely Macbook allowed..;)) Also don´t want it to be stolen/damaged etc. duh-uh.
There is however wireless wifi on every hotel we're staying at, and I will be bringing my phone. There is ofc a question of how good the connections are, and would it work on my sh*tty phone at all.
But I will try anyway, I would actually try to do a test entry tonight using my phone and check how the images turn out. I've experienced before that the pics turn out so small..:/

I love to travel, and I love to check out other peoples photos and posts while they're travelling, so hopefully there's some of you like me out there who will enjoy my posts during my vacation too :-)
So the next month this will be quite some travellers blog;) But I guess there will be *some* shopping too, and updates on my hauls etc. etc. etc. will be posted ;) oooooh can´t wait :)

And ofc there will be vacation pics *OVERLOAD* when I get back... ;)

I got the LOVELIEST surprise yesterday! Guess what was waiting for me in the mail, my very own beautybox!

Ha ha, I´ve been complaining so many times that NONE of the glossybox/beautybox brands are shipping to Norway, and my best friend sent me one herself! I´ve also been complaining that I never get to try any of the MUA makeup because they don´t sell that brand in Norway (the only brands in Norway is actually high end makeup and loreal, maxfactor, isadora etc etc etc.. wow how exciting!)
So this "box" is made outta luuuuuuuuuv :-) Oh I love you Kasia!!!! <3

I can´t wait until I get to Asia and buying her loads of new stuff for her to try out :) She´s my fellow makeup addict in crime, and she´s unlike me an actual Make Up Artist! She´s really talented, please go check her FB page out! Go through her photos, she´s got an amazing portifolio :-)

Kasia Make Up Artist


  1. Aww i do understand what you're telling, i love to be that ecxited before holidays and always thinking " I'm not prepared for it" :) And you're so lucky to be away for such a long time !!! We wanted to go to Bali this summer but it was more expensive than expected :( So we go to the Canarian Islands. Please feed me with vacation pics I love to see photos from holidays !!!

    AND OH YEAH - i would love to have a BLOG COFFEE one day :)

    If this is your last post before vacation - HAVE FUN HUN AND ENJOY !!!


  2. You are more than welcome, sweety!! Glad you like it:) Btw... sooooo jealous about your trip, I wanna go too!!!! Have a great time in Asia! <3 <3 <3

  3. There are some incredible pieces here!!!