On Monday I had my best night of my life EVER!

I finally got to se Backstreet Boys live! And a HUGE plus, New Kids on the Block too!

BSB had a show in Norway for about three years ago, I had to work so I couldn´t go, I was so sad, thought I´d never get the chance to see them again :(

I´m so stupid, I didn´t even know they were coming here now this spring?! My bf just randomly informed me about it, and I was like super stoked and goooood I was in heaven! :D

Words cannot describe how fantastic that night was, I´ve been loving Backstreet Boys ever since I was little and it has been my dream for years to see them.. I screamed so much my throat was so sore the day after.. Ha ha :) I became such an emotional mess during the show..:p I screamed, I laughed, I cried and I was so happy I think for some seconds there my heart stopped beating, I was so excited! :)

I haven´t the same crazy relation to NKOTB, but I like their songs too and I was also superhappy to see them! :)

I recored some video clips too, don´t know if anyone of u are interested in watching any of it, but I´m gonna upload them later on anyway :) Shame on you if u don´t enjoy NKOTBSB! he he ;)

Here´s some pics from the show ^^

Confetti at the end! :) I still found confetti all over me when I got home..

Dear God I wish they´ll come back here sooooooooooon :D

I remember I had like stacks and stacks of collectible photos which I had in photoalbums.. I used to buy packs of 5 or 10 photos or something.. And when I managed to collect several of the same photos I used to trade them with friends to get other photos I didn´t have already.. Biiiig business dat ;)

Did any of u attend their tour? :)


  1. oh em gee..i'm so jealous! those guys are still hot..hehe..ah the 90's.. :)

  2. OMG I was crazyyyy about the BSB when I was young, I had posters of them all over my room haha especially of Nick Carter (ehh I was so naive hehe) Today I still love their music, but strictly their music only, not the singers :)
    Looks like you had a great time, I'm sure it was great xxxx


  3. Hehe I use to be a big BSB fan way back in the days :D I've seen them in concert like over 10 years ago hehe :D I'm glad you enjoyed their show. Their awesome!!! BSB fan for life lol XD

  4. I'm a huge fan with Backstreet Boys when I was young! You are so lucky to see them performing together again!

    By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm following back :)

  5. I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to catch a concert but of course, they're not coming to the Bahamas to work!


  6. words cannot express how jealous I am! haha! Great photos! xx