BLOGmas Day 8 - Finals, the holidays and vacation!

A lot of things are and have been happening lately. I´m super stressed and busy with my finals, wich will be over this weekend - can´t wait!
I will then almost rush my way to the airport and go on a vacation with a dear friend of mine for a whole week. We´re travelling to the Canary Islands and even though I don´t have time to think about it right now, I think I´m just a liiittle bit excited about just that!

Coming home will be lovely as it´s Christmas and I love spending time at home with my family. I´m actually a little bit sad that I´m going away for a whole week during December. After all it´s one of my favorite winter months! And I simply can´t get enough of Christmas!

I will be celebrating with my very own little family this year and then just relax all the way until school starts again in mid January.. What about you?

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