London calling :)

Most cliché title ever :) Anyway, I have NOT uploaded all my pics from my vacation, so please do still stay tuned ;) I got Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Bangkok, Thailand left ;) hi hi :)

My days have been crazy after I got back from my holiday.. I´ve been so tired and work is really killing me! Gawd. Well, well...

Just wanted to pop in an tell you I´m going to London for the weekend :D 

I´m visiting my lovely friend and can´t wait to see her :) And I can´t wait to fo bargain shopping (I´m actually broke you see..) and having makeupdate!!!!!!! :D 

Superstressed about packing... Ofc... what a shock:P Will be updating on at least instagram, so please do follow me: missdelirium 

I love finding new instagrammers to follow so go find me, or leave your username here :)

I think my blog seems so messy when im updating via my mobile.. shitty photos and it just doesnt look good.. so twitter and instagram there is! hi hi :) 

Aaaahh... wish i was still here..!!

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Have fun in London, I'm actually going to Destin this weekend :)


  2. How fun! Hope your enjoying your time :)