Hoi An translates into ~ Peaceful Meeting Place ~ 
what better place to stay to relax and enjoy life?? :D

We found Hué so amazing we felt pretty sad about leaving.. We had so much fun and it was such great things to explore there! We could defo used some more time there....

We took a taxi from our hotel and to the train station, I can´t remember quite how long it ook but I guess around 20-30 mins. And for the cost of almost nothing! But be sure to either arrange a price before u get in the taxi or agree on the use of taximeter... Makes things a lot less complicated IF there should be any trouble, which probably won´t happen.. We didn´t experience any kinds of trouble really...:)

Well, we got the the train station, and we already had our tickets - booked and ordered on beforehand, delivered to our hotel when we got there. This also made things a lot less complicated for sure!

I can admit that we did get a little "worried" on the train station.. Everything seemed so chaotic.. We tried to ask where to go, where to wait, where will the train depart from etc... But didn´t really get any good answers.. But I guess it´s just the language barrier.. We met three other backpackers/tourists too, one couple and a guy travelling alone.. No one understood the person blabbering Vietnamese on the speakers... We started speaking because it was obvious all five of us was pretty confused while sitting there waiting for the train which started to be pretty late on time! =P (btw we found out that never trust the timetable, haha, nothing leaves or arrives on time;) And be sure to know your route and info..;)

Anyway, we kinda ended up forming this group of confused tourists, which actually, amazingly enough, felt a little safe!:P

But it´s just the language barrier making you confused, the train arrived in the end and everything went smooth after that :)

This was just a two hours (about) drive and this time we ha regular seats.

Going trough the jungle !!!! :D

Starting to getting closer to the ocean and Hoi An! 

It was such a sweaty two hours, ha ha, I was so varm I almost died... My bf on the other hand did´t have any trouble..
Seeing this getting closer and closer just wanted me to jump outta the windowwww :)

We arrived in Da Nang and teamed up with the other couple going the same way as we did...
It was about 30-40 mins from Da Nang to Hoi An..

There was a looooot of HUGE building projects along the road and seaside.. Gosh.. Some of those hotels and resorts are gonna be THA SHIT ha ha, I mean, dang.. But if u wanna enjoy and experience a rather calmer and more "true" Hoi An, you should go now or at least in a couple of years.. Because it´s gonna blow up.. Tourists are gonna flock over there!

We finally arrived to our hotel, a couple of km outside the town center. Right down by the coastline of the South China Sea, god it was like heaven coming here!!!!

Everything was so cute and nice!

We stayed in the hotel, but there was also apartments/villas as you can see here.. More suitable for larger groups and families I guess!

Had a few lovely evenings here on the balcony before going out for dinner =)

Walking around the Old Town :)

‘‘It is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Hoi An Ancient Town is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a South-East Asian trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century. It´s buildings and it´s street plan reflect the influences, both indigenous and foreign, that have combined to produce this unique heritage site.’’

‘‘Without question, the most famous Japanese bridge in Vietnam - if not all of Southeast Asia - is found in the historic riverside town of Hoi An. Constructed sometime in the early 1600s, the Hoi An Japanese bridge is a smbol of the town and a beautiful reminder of a time long ago’’

I love everything old and full of history!! This bridge was so cool :D

All the lamps lightening up at dusk..

Inside the bridge!

This is a very tired and sunburnt me.. I got so sunburnt that day I almost could´t wear clothes without crying. It was so bad! The flash makes me look nothing like it was irl.. God I looked like boiled lobster LITERALLY!
Actually it was so bad I ended up almost fainting in the streets while looking at souvenirs... Whoa.. So much for that "tan"!  I had to go straight back to the hotel and stayed in bed the rest of the night.. With fever and hurting all over... SO PROTECT YOURSELVES IN THE MOFO SUN (which I still love, please come to Norway soon...)!!!!!

Look at all the pretty lights!!!:)

Me trying to cover up.. I couldtnt be in the sun no more because of my sunburnt skin...

Yummi food!

Even more delicious food! Chicken filet cordon bleu :)

Love those lamps! I bought one :)

The beach.. <3

We were here all alone! Can you imagine anything better?

We had the whole freaking beach to ourselves!!!!! :D

Not a single person as long as my eyes could see :)

Yes that is me with a hat.. I had to get it because I had to protect my face and forehead... My forehead was DAMAGED.. I mean.. Okay, let me say it this way it felt like i had injected SEVERAL mg with botox all over.. I couldn´t move anything, not even a tiny little inch.. My skin was literally hard.. yay.......

Me looking all weird..

Relaxing by the pool with a rum & coconut drink, yumiiiiiii :)

Mango Juice/smoothie I had with our lunch down on a restaurant just on the other side of the road of the hotel.. The prices here was about half of the ones at the hotel.. Which was kinda expensive thinkin about it that way..

I´ve always heard about chimichangas.. and for the first time I tried! Not very pleased really... ha ha :p

Breakfastroom, too bad I didn´t capture the buffet.. it was .......no words!!!

Beach on the one side....

Turn around and the pool is on the other... <3

The beach wasn´t like the ones you see in those paradise photos and stuff, but still it was amazing :) And the temperature was sooo good :)

Ha ha I´m not one of those smokin hot babes lying around the beach lookin all sexy and all... sadly for me! ;P Anyway here´s the truth ;) At least I got to dye my eyebrows before I left home, puh ;)

Beach must - write stuff in the sand! I could have worked a little longer on my handwriting..;p BUT the waves were coming and I had to hurry..^^

We had some lovely four days here in Hoi An.. I was EXTREMELY sad to be leaving, because this were the only four days of beaching.. My bf on the other hand was more than pleased as he find the beach and tanning extremely boring.. I can´t really think about spending such few days there. Do not mention it to me please;)

On our way to the airport :(

American plane hangars from the war..

To be continued... 
Next stop: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur! :D


  1. wow,great trip! amazing place! xxxx

  2. Wohoo what amazing pictures dear ! Do i have to mention how jealous i am ?! :) The pics look like taken from a magazine and your hotel there is so absolutely adoring and looks so nice and comfy ! And omg you had a sunstroke - i got that too when i was in Rimini some years ago, i felt soo bad, also with fever. The picture where you're wearing the had and sunnies is my fave here ♥ Can't wait to see more photos !!! XX Tani

  3. great pictures<3
    Have fun!