Vietnam, Hué. Tomb of Tu Duc & The Imperial Citadel.

Now we were heading for another Vietnam destination; Hué! :)

We were going by train from Hanoi to Hué and left the hotel eeeearly in the morning. We got a cab and drove to the train station, not very far away.

We had already ordered our tickets before we left home, and they got delivered at our hotel upon arrival :) Very smart!

Since this is a 12 hrs trip, we had booked a coupe with beds.
It was a four mans room with four beds and we weren´t expecting any more than two more persons in there with us. But when the train started rolling, so did the passengers :P

At the most there was me and my bf in the two top bunk beds, and one mother, one grandmother, three kids, a teenage boy and now and then a younger teenage girl I think, in the lower bunk beds! 

Even this was a four mans room people didn´t seem to care about that ;)
So a tip if you want a coupe with no strangers, or at least not a BUNCH of strangers, order all the four beds for yourself.. Hehe ;)

It was such an experience though, and the kids were adorable..:) I was trying to sleep most of the time to make the hrs go faster, and it really worked actually. The 12hrs didn´t seem long at all!

The room and the beds was relatively clean, but I´m a bit cleanfreak when it comes to such things. Do I had to wear my hoodie when I was lying in the bed and on the pillow because I just couldn´t let my skin touch the bedding and everything. Even though I was freezing my ass off bcause of the aircon I didn´t use the blanket. I just can´t.. ;p

But it wasn´t nasty or anything, I just can´t stop thinking about how many other people have been lying around there and ugh.. Anyyyywayyyy :)

A few pics taken through the window!

Ha ha me sleeping above the grandmother and the one kid in the lower bed!
I would normally never posted such a pic of myself! Ha ha look at me.. But I just wanna give you the feeling of how it really was ;)

The name of our coupe he he! :)

Not much space, but it works! The two upper beds are ours:)

Water buffalos!

Cute kids :)

Tired! Again, can´t believe I´m sharing this ^^p

Our room in Hué! It was perfect and the location was great :) Just by the Perfume River :)

Nighttime view from our balcony :)

Frontside of the hotel

Daytime view! :) The pool was lovely and the weather too :)

We took a taxi to The Tomb of Tu Duc! I had been looking forward to this for such a long time! :D
It lies about 8km from Hué City.

A few copy/paste facts:

It is built for the Nguyen Emperor Tự Đức and took three years to build from 1864-1867. It is divided into a Temple Area and a Tomb Area.

The Tomb area was so big that at more than a few times we were finding ourself wandering all alone not seeing anyone else around.. Can you believe that, in Vietnam, in the middle of a great tourist attraction - all alone.. I loved it :) So peaceful and quiet :)

I loved walking around the tomb, but the heat was so extreme this day that after some time it became quite funny really. It was just.. beyond :P 

Then we went to the Imperial Citadel :)

It is a walled fortress and palace in the former capital of Vietnam.
Inside the citadel was the Imperial City, with a perimeter of almost 2.5 kilometers. Inside the Imperial City was the imperial enclosure called the Purple Forbidden City in Vietnamese, a term similar to the Forbidden City in Beijing. The enclosure was reserved for the Nguyễn imperial family.

We gave the KOI fishes food, and they went totally bonkers! :)

Weeeee one of my wishes came true! I was riding a elephant!!!! :D
It was so cute and I fed it with bambus sticks ^^

Ruins after the American bombing in 1968

We had panned to go to another temple too, but it was so hot we didn´t bare any longer :P So we went to the hotel and ended up in the pool! :D

The evening before we left we went out for dinner, and ended up buying some drinks too. I had the most delicious MOJITO in my entire life .... WATERMELON MOJITO omg it was sooooo good :D
I will def be trying to make this myself :) Anyone with any good recipes?

Stay tuned for my next posts :D 


  1. Wow! Im heading to Vietnam in Jan next year. Im so excited.. these pictures are beautiful! x

  2. hope u have a great fun:D
    btw maybe we can fllw each other?

  3. really pretty blog!

  4. Beautiful pictures Miss :) You really get a feeling of the place through them. I nominated you for 'The Illuminating Award coz I love visiting your world xxx

  5. Amazing and beautiful images ! Looks like you had much fun dear ! Oh and on the 1st pic you look really tired haha i guess such a drive isnt very comfy :) XX Tani