Viva La Diva Nude Lipstick Swatches & Review

This is one of the few (read: only) budget beauty brands I can find where I live (except Maybelline, Maxfactor, Loréal,  etc. - but those don´t count;).
I think the intention for this brand is reaching young girls and young teens, girls who have newly been introduced to makeup. 
At least that´s what it looks like based on the design, the name, and the price. It´s very affordable compared to the other brands available. 

It´s a swedish brand, and it´s stated on the packaging that the´re "against animal testing". If this is correct or not, I haven´t checked any further. But I hope they don´t state something like that on their products and still use ingredients tested on animals (??).
It also contains "softening Vitamine-E".

It has however some gems hidden behind that "girl-trying-makeup-for-the-first-time" image.
I really enjoy their lipsticks and eyeshadows, they´re both highly pigmented, and I feel you get a good piece of product when thinking about how affordable they are!

Price is about $12 / £8 (this is very cheap in Norway...;)

The packaging is cute. It´s clean and doesn´t feel "cheap" - no plastic! It also has "engraved rhinestones" on the top lid - cute!

This is lipstick #18 in the shade "Fudge". It glides super smoothly on my lips, and it has a light fresh scent to it. It is a very light nude shade, and can come off a little too pale if you´re applying to much on a very bronzed face.  

It is a very nice color, and the nude collection comes in several nude shades, pink, beige, brown etc. 
When it comes to the formula, I´m positively surprised. It can however be a little dry, but I would say that if you prep your lips before applying it won´t be a huge problem.

I have only tried two of the nude shades from this brand, and I don´t know how the staying power is for the other colors, let´s say for example a dark red or pink shade.

I would say that I have to re-apply product throughout the day. I personally don´t find that a problem when thinking about the price and the light shade. Also I talk much at work and drink a lot of coffee and water throughout the day so I would re-apply anyway.

It would be more annoying if it was a red shade, because they can easily look very bad if they get "worn out" during the day.

Is this my favorite Nude Lipstick?

No, it´s not. But it´s a perfect addition to my collection. This is a lipstick I would bring anywhere and not be afraid to for example loose when out on a party, or traveling etc.

Will I be purchasing again?

Yes, easily. It´s simply a lipstick for everyday use.

Do you have a lipstick that´s not particularly your favorite, but a great addition to your collection?


  1. It's such a pretty shade!
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  3. Lipstick color is beautifull :)
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