Happy Easter - I´ve been out crosscountry skiing!

The weather has been divine all week and even though I´ve been sick with the flu I had to go crosscountry skiing while the sun was still shining :)

I went with my mom and we had a lovely trip :)

I´m very lucky to be living so close to such a beautiful place.

Me looking all sporty and all...;)

We went for about an hour and we found a cute little spot and sat down for like 2.5 hrs just licking sun, having coffee and munching chocolate. I don´t think it can get more norwegian than this. 

(it was my first crosscountry skiing trip in YEARS, but let´s not talk about that. I will be going again tomorrow;)

And of course I got this huge easter egg filled with candyyy !! :D *will not be showing candy as egg is already half-empty..nomnomnom..*

How are you all spending your holiday? :-)


  1. i love to make connections through blogging too!:) i hope you had an awsome easter weekend. it looks like you had a lot of fun crosscounrtry skiing:) i went skiing in february, the weather wasn't that good unfortunately:( i haven't skiied for years and yeah... it's also not my absolute favorite sport so once a year is enough for me lol. i didn't do anything special over the easter days - the weather here was horrible (and still is)!
    did you paint those eggs by yourself? they look so colorful and pretty!:)

  2. Hey lovely, wow those pics are stunning and it looks like you enjoyed your sunny winter days! That candies look yummie i do believe they don't last long :) XX