Makeup Haul Thailand & Malaysia

I might have forgot all about this post.. :O Do not ask me why something as huge as this can be forgotten, but here we go :)

This is a small selection of what I was shopping on my vacation in Asia (last summer;)
I´m willing to go back JUST for the beauty brands and products....

The BB Cream on bottom left is the best I´ve tried ever, I would actually dare to say it´s better than my Dior Sculpt Foundation, not kidding, so for you guys who´s looking for a BB Cream that doesn´t cover up - don´t buy this. But for you that want coverage, but not the heaviness a foundation will give you - try it, at least mix it with your foundation. It lasts all day! I´m serious, I won´t use it no more, because I don´t want it to finish, and I can´t get it anywhere, not even online. Ffffffff.....
Guerlain Summer in the City Bronzing OMG it so pretty!
Victorias Secre gloss tubes, I was buying the coconut and vanilla perfume, but had to leave it because the saleswoman told me I couldn´t buy it afterall as I was boarding a connecting flight :(

Didn´t find much makeup in Vietnam really, I had to buy babypowder tho´ ;)

Nailpolishes from various markets in Bangkok, lovely shades! Cheap, not the best quality,
Baby Powder... A must.. Smells so heavenly and fresh, especially the one with cool mint! Love using it on my face matting down foundation..
Lots of lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadows, lashes, blushes, liners, everything :)

Links to my posts from my vacation

Aaah I love makeup shopping in Asia :)


  1. Love it <3
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

    The Fashion Heels

  2. I would love to visit Asia, they have such wonderful beauty products, xoxo.

  3. Amazing products! I wish I could try more beauty products from Asia, they have the best packaging :) - Boho Vanity

  4. For what do you use that babypowder dear? xx