Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Sebum Clear Facial Mist

Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Sebum Clear Facial Mist

Hi all!
Today I´m going to share with you a product I really like. It helps keep your makeup set all day!
Holika Holika is a Korean brand, and I love all the fun and extremely good quality products from Korea.

Do you use any Korean brands?

Controls shine

This is a facial mist that has powder in it to control shine, help to take care of skin and keep the skin moist throughout the day. Sweet Cotton is a series of different products and it´s supposed to smell like cotton candy, I don´t think it does. But it does smell quite fresh and soothing.

Gives Moisture

During these cold months it´s good to lock in my makeup with something that feels replenishing on my dehydrated skin and gives a silky, lightweight finish. I don´t think it gives me the moisture that I need, but it feels nice when I apply it :)
It´s non -sticky - which is great, and it is supposed to create a sweat proof, non-smudging coat over your face, it sounds like a miracle product, and I don´t think it is THAT amazing, but it really gives me what I need in terms of giving me a MATTE look and keeping my makeup somewhat in place during the day.
I´m a huge fan of the NYX facial mists, have you tried them?
I think this one keeps me matte longer during the day, I tend to get a bit shiny with the NYX spray!
The spray itself looks milky in the bottle, but it comes out transparent and doesn´t leave any white residue. As you can see in the picture all the powder is laying at the bottom of the bottle - it´s very important that you make sure to shake well before applying.
This is not my all time favorite setting spray, but it does a really good job, and it is very affordable.

You can get this from eBay at about $8. This is a seller that I´ve been purchasing a lot of makeup and skincare from.

What is your favorite matte setting spray? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I've never tried anything from Korea but I've heard their skincare is really good!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com