Worth the Hype? Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer *Before & After*

So I finally decided to give this one a go!
I´m always on the hunt for something that can help my pores appear smaller, and I have a box full of different primers. Most of them are ok, and probably more than ok as well, but I just don´t think I will ever get satisfied with anything unless my pores go away completely:p So I might not be the most fair person to judge a pore minimizing product, because we all know a primer won´t make any pores in the world dissapear completely. But it can make the problem less noticeable, there and then - so let´s get into my thoughts, is it worth the hype or not?
I´ve seen many other bloggers and you tubers rave about it!

I have purchased almost all of the primers from Smashbox, and I´m a huge fan.

I´m always on the look for something to reduce my pores, so naturally I had to give this one a try!

Blends well

Right out of the tube it has a thick, silicone feel, formula. I´m going to make a reference to Benefits POREfessional, if you know that one, it´s pretty similar in both texture and color. Smashbox is probably even more on the heavy side as it can leave a white residue if you don´t blend it out well enough. I have not experienced this with Benefits POREfessional.
But I might have applied a bit too much product.
It blends out lines pretty well, and for the pores it does fill them in and blur the skin.
As my expectations are SKYHIGH, this is not a miracle product. BUT CLOSE!

Left: Before. Right: After.

Clear Difference

I can see a clear difference, it gives a matte finish and it does blur out the worst of the pores!
I have not edited this at all, exept setting the sharpness higher. I´m really pleased with the result, and have to say it´s showing good on camera!
This is very up close, so the blurring effect will be even more noticeable when you see it from a far.

I will definitely say this is worth a try, if you´re struggling with large pores as I do - this is a quick fix! I´m starting with some new Korean Skincare products after my holiday and hopefully these will help reducing the appearance of my pores :-)

Have you tried this primer?

What is your favorite pore minimizing primers?


  1. Love this interseting blog, truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing, cannot wait to try it , must be awesome product.!!!



    1. Thank you for commenting, hope you like it!