DIY Dresser before/after - white and diamond knobs

Hi everyone!
After I moved in with my boyfriend we´ve been doing some redecorating.
For example I´ve painted our bedroom and we´re currently waiting for a new wardrobe. It´s still gonna take around a couple of months until it´s finished so we´re having some temporary solutions for the storing of our clothes at the moment. Currently this is just as simple as an IKEA clothing rack with some hanging shelves and this dresser!

I did it all in a hurry. I was already painting the ceiling and the walls, and I just wanted a quick temporary change for this drawer. BUT it turned out quite pretty! Now I´m not sure if I want to get rid of it anymore:)
The knobs are bought off eBay some time ago and they were a perfect match!

My next project is our dining table and chairs, I just need to wait for the weather to get a bit warmer as I need to bring the table outside for cleaning and polishing before painting/staining it.

Do you have any current DIY projects? :)


  1. The handles make it look even more pretty! I love painting furniture it's so therapeutic x

    Through New Eyes x

  2. Hey Sweety!
    Ahh it's been such a long time, how is life?:-)

    I absolutely love this DIY, it turned out so pretty! Good job, girl!

    Lots of Love xx

  3. I know right :D And you can get them for soo cheap off of eBay! Now I keep looking for more furniture I can paint :) xx

  4. So cute! I love diy and crafts! :)
    -Jenna <3
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  5. Thanks! :) I´ m getting more and more into it too :) xx

  6. Hellooo<3
    I know! :( We need to get better at staying in touch.
    Actually, my life could´t get any better right now :D How about you?
    Thanks sweetie! I´m really pleased with it :)) Lots of love xx

  7. Michaela PavlusikApril 27, 2015 at 6:19 PM

    Hello pretty lady! Would you recommend this lash glue over all others? I am majorly over Duo and I need something else in my life! Butttt.... I don't really want to go throughout the hassle of getting this if its not worth it. Thoughts?
    Also, if you have some time, please pop by my blog and let me know what you think!

  8. Hi there!
    If you´re over DUO then I would absolutely recommend trying it. However, compared to DUOs glue that´s similar to this one (the brush on type, not the tube) it´s not much of a difference on the quality. I do prefer House of Lashes, it really comes down to the scent. HoL smells really nice:) But I would say it does the same job and it has the same finish.
    Also House of Lashes has a more pleasing design;) Definitely a nice addition to your collection ;)
    Thanks for coming by my blog and for leaving a comment :) I will have a look at your blog as well:) xx