FOTD - Urban Decay & Cherry Lips ♡

Last week I bought a Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette from Gemma´s blogsale at  I was thrilled to get my hands on this palette, and for such a nice price too! I have been so desperate to get this palette I remember I even posted a post on here asking if anyone could get it for me! haha. I think it´s the pink (Woodstock) that made me want it so much.. 

Anyhoooo, it´s mine now and I couldn´t be happier :D  I just HAD to try it on today! Been working a 9hrs long shift today and my eyes are in the same state as when I went for work early this morning!

I also purchased NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk from Gemma´s blogsale.
That´s another piece I´ve been wanting for AGES. NYX is not available in Norway and with taxes/shipping on various online stores it gets so expensive when it´s originally so affordable!
When I first was getting the Rollergirl Palette (review/swatches coming up) I just had to get the Jumbo Pencil as well.

I´m not regretting that one single second, I used it for the first time today and I was literally IN LOVE

I´m not feeling a 100% complete without my lashes, but I don´t have time putting them on in the morning so need to rock my own natural ones...;) 

Last but not least, I´m wearing my The Body Shop Colorglide Lipstick in #60 Cherry Sparkle!
It´s such a nice red shade with gold shimmer and turning slightly towards orange.

And hey, this crochet scarf I´m wearing - I made that myself, just sayin´! Super proud woohoo;-)



✩ Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer
✩ Maybelline 24/hr stay foundation #SAND mixed with
✩ DIOR Sculpt Foundation #030
✩ Georgio Armani Liquid Concealer
✩ MUA Blush
✩ Max Factor Creme Puff Powder #41 Medium Beige


✩ Smashbox Eyeprimer - all over lid
✩ NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil MILK - all over lid and browbone
✩ UD Rollergirl VERVE all over lid and browbone
✩ UD Rollergirl SUSPECT Outer corner and crease
✩ UD Rollergirl DARKHORSE Outer corner
✩ UD 24/7 Eye Pencil Whiskey
✩ Isadora Glossy Eye Liner


✩ The Body Shop Colorglide Lipstick #60 Cherry Sparkle
✩ MUA Lipliner #Red Drama

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  1. Pretty eye makeup! Amazed it lasted so long and damn, learning to knit/crotchet would be pretty handy >.< I look forward to seeing swatches of the roller girl palette ^^

  2. Very professionally made make up! <3 So pretty!^^

  3. I liked your Giveaway. Its an awesome giveaway. Include bags in your next giveaway. I have never used Moroccan Oil.