MUA 'Undressed' Eyeshadow Palette - Swatches & Review

Here´s my swatches and review of MUA 'Undressed' Eyeshadow Palette!

As I´ve showed you, I had this MUA haul a couple of months ago and I think there will be another one soon! (EDIT: I JUST had another one right now^^) I really love all the products, and especially the eyeshadows and nail varnish:)

But let´s focus on the palette now, shall we :)

One thing I both knew from before and noticed right away (also already stated from hundreds of bbloggers around the world) - is the similarity to the Urban Decay NAKED palette. I can´t see anything but positively on this. Sadly, I do not own the Naked Palette - even though I´ve wanted it since it got out (I´ve just never taken the splurge, don´t ask me why - I´m stupid!) But I´ve tried it and used it on several occasions, and I LOVE IT! I´m not saying the MUA palette is the same, because it´s not. It´s perfect for those who want something similar and can´t (or won´t) afford the real deal. There´s many out there who would be perfectly fine with the MUA palette. As for the makeup junkie I am I´m not perfectly fine with JUST the MUA one. I will be purchasing both NAKED and NAKED 2 veery soon:) (especially now as my littlesister has purchased NAKED 2 without even being as interested in makeup as me, just because she can afford it and gets makeuptips from me - I´m so jealous I could die;) hehe)

ANYWAY this wasn´t really a novelle about NAKED (we´ll do that another time) - it´s all about the love for budget beauty and great products for a lower cost:)

I can´t say much more than that I love it, the formula of the eyeshadows are so smooth and blendable, even the matte ones! (there´s two-three of em) The shades goes really well with each other and you could easily go for a natural 'nude' look to a toned down party look in minutes:)
(I say toned-down because as for me I would add something just a little darker for my partylooks - but that´s just me!)

It costs only £4.00 // $6.50, and I think that´s a really good deal! 

I´ve been using it almost everyday now, it has replaced all of my other eyeshadow obsessions (at least for now), I´m actually scared it´s gonna run empty soon!!

The shadows are named shade 1, shade 2, shade 3 and so on. Easy as that!

I really want to try the other palettes as well, but there isn´t a specific one that has got my attention just like 'Undressed'.. But I have had my eyes on 'Heaven & Earth', 'Dusk til Dawn' and 'Glamour Nights'.

Swatches in another lightning

My (way to simple-in a hurry) everyday look is pretty much like this:

Shade #2 all over lid.
Shade #4 middle lid and towards crease.
Shade #10 Outer lid and crease. 

I find this the perfect budget everyday palette! It´s very affordable, it got all the basic shades you need - the formula is so smooth and it´s highly pigmented. 
Some might feel it´s a little too much shimmer for everyday use, but as I love shimmer it´s perfect for me ;-)

Anyone else loving/hating this palette? 

Tip on similar ones?


  1. I love how sparkly these colours are xxx

  2. amazing palette..:)
    I have MUA heaven and earth, which has similar shades..:)

  3. This palette is just fab ! I got it last week and i deffo love it ! Wonderful shimmer and its really long lasting ! My fave is no.9 !!! XX Tani

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  6. Great review :) In lieu of MUA's 40% off sale I linked you on my site :)


  7. Great review! I have just reviewed this palette myself!