I love shoes, esp high heels and platform sandals!
I like to spend (a lot) money on shoes, and ofc as any other shoelover I prefer shoes with quality and niccccce design :) But since I˙m not a millionaire atm I don˙t mind nice shoes that come with a nice price aswell, alright, the quality might not be the best, but they look good at least, yea? :)

These were cheap as hell and all faux and plastic I guess ;) But I can live with these until I save up some money and buy all those lovvvllleeyyy other pairs aaaah Balmain, Louboutin, Cesare Paciotti, Gianmarco Lorenzi...... *dreams*

So, here they are, my latest buys.
 Want pairs in red, turquise and limegreen aswell, so that the can spice up my outfits! :)

Btw, I ~LOVE~ pink and gold!!!


What do you think about these shoes? 
..and what are your latest buys?


  1. The pink ones are amazing! Loveee:)


  2. @Billie Houghton
    Hi and thanks for commenting!:)
    I know right?! It was love at first sight;) hihi ^^